Go Metro to Olvera Street and El Pueblo

Union Station is just across the street from Olvera Street!

Los Angeles has a new commuter rail system linking Union Station to many parts of the City. Union Station is across Alameda Street from El Pueblo/Olvera Street providing convenient access for all activities. The Red Line, the Gold Line, the Blue Line and the Green Line provide access directly to El Pueblo. Using the bus system, Metro Link and the rail services together makes traveling to El Pueblo easy. For more information about commuter rail services and Union Station click here for the Metro Link map.

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Take any bus that stops at the Plaza and any of the following: Main Street, Los Angeles Street, Arcadia Street, Alameda Street or Cesar Chavez Boulevard. The Big Blue Bus from Santa Monica stops close by on Temple Street. Many buses also stop at Union Station that is just across the street from El Pueblo and Olvera Street. The DASH bus connects downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, Chinatown and the financial district to El Pueblo with DASH buses stopping every 10 minutes and costing only 25 cents. For more information about bus services.
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